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Notarization "Musts" 
The document signer must personally apear before the Notary at time of notarization -- not before, not after.  A telephone call from the signer, or the Notary's familiarity with a signature, is not personal appearance.

The Notary must identify the signer through either (1) personal knowledge or (2) vouching of personally-known reliable, uninvolved witness who is under oath, or (3) current government-issued ID card with photograph, signature and physical description.

The Notary must be impartial and disinterested and not notarize a document bearing Notary's name or signature, or that of Notary's spouse or relative, or document which will in any way benefit the Notary.

The Notary must make a record of each notarization and require document signer to affix signature -- and, if necessary, thumbprint -- in official journal of notarial acts.

The Notary must hold and scan document to note unfilled blanks and glean information (title, name of signer[s], number of pages, etc.) for recording in journal of notarial acts.

The Notary must not certify a copy of a birth certificate or other vital record or of a recordable document such as a deed.  Copies of these documents must be issued only by the appropriate public records custodian.
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