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Mission Statement
As with a building whose structural integrity is jeopardized when one or more of the corners does not have a solid foundation, the Four Cornerstones of Notarization provide
 a similar "integrity" to the notarization process.  A Notary who ignores any
one of them places the "integrity" of the entire notarial act in jeopardy.

       First    PERSONAL APPEARANCE                            

                 Second    POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION      

             Third      AWARENESS

            Fourth   WILLINGNESS

Each Cornerstone builds on the other, in the order listed.  If the signer is not appearing before the Notary, in person, the notarization cannot take place.  

Even if the signer appears before the Notary, if they cannot be 
positively identified, the notarization cannot take place. 

Assuming the signer appears personally and can be positively identified, the Notary still must determine that the signer is aware of what it is they have signed and the importance
of the document, or the notarization cannot take place.  

And, finally, even if all of the other Cornerstones are in place, if the signer
 is being coerced or forced to sign against their will, 
then the notarization cannot take place.

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